Who is Bonny Bear?

Faig tard, ho sé, però avui he topat amb un tumblr sobre la nit en què Bon Iver va guanyar el Grammy a ‘Best New Artist’. Who is Bon Iver? I aquest comentari m’ha deixat sense paraules: 
 “I am ashamed that this so-called ‘musician’ comes from the same state that I do. His very presence seems to taint our state, and his music does nothing to soften the blow. I would rather listen to Gollum from Lord of the Rings get mercilessly tortured by Orcs for an hour than listen to this garbage. Get a new job, Bon Iver. I can’t believe the Grammy voters were duped into thinking that this ‘music’ was even worthy of a nomination. The collective blow to the head the committee received immediately prior to voting for this waste of time probably rivaled the blow Bill Buckner received to his head prior to letting a weak grounder go through his legs in Game 6.”
Riures a mil.

I jo em quedaré amb les ganes de veure’ls el juliol a Barcelona…


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